2015 Annual Membership Meeting



Mack DrydenMack Dryden has an unusual list of accomplishments to say the least. He’s appeared in several feature films and numerous TV shows, including the Late Show with David Letterman and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.  He was born and raised in Mississippi, and—before becoming an entertainer—was an award-winning journalist and a black belt karate champion. Over the years, he has managed to survive a terrifying stay in an African prison, two deadly diseases, and one near-fatal marriage. As a humorist, he was hand-picked by Bill Marr for the writing staff of Politically Incorrect, and he is the only living comedian who has been kicked in the backside repeatedly by karate champion Chuck Norris. He will entertain us and share with us some of the tools he’s used to achieve his many goals.



Michael Balhoff is a co-founder and senior partner at Charlesmead Advisors, which provides investment banking services.   Before 2005, he published nationally and internationally over sixteen years at Legg Mason Wood Walker in Baltimore where he was Managing Director and Head of Legg Mason’s Telecom and Technology Equity Research Group.  Mr. Balhoff’s specialization was rural telephone carriers, during a period when the Wall Street Journal awarded him six annual awards for the performance of his equity recommendations related to incumbent local exchange carriers.  Mr. Balhoff will discuss the regulatory pressures on the industry as the FCC and the states seek to re-craft important financial mechanisms.